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Russian Empire DMC is a professional services company that can organize any type of local events and activities and design tailor-made programs and tours for any number of participants. It is a dynamically developing company which was set up by professionals with more than 12 years’ experience of working in the tourism industry.

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Continent: Eurasia (Europe and Asia)
Area: 17,075,400 sq km
The official name: Russian Federation
Capital: Moscow
Population: 143,300,00 (2011)
Currency: Russian ruble
Calling Code: +7
Official Languages: Russian
Type of Government: Federal, semi-presidential, constitutional republic

Historical Milestones

Russia – is unique country. It is the world’s largest nation – from its early beginning in the ninth century when Rurik, a Varangian king, established the first Russian state near Kiev, to the current presidency of Vladimir Putin – is extensive and fascinating. It’s history included absolutely different periods and phases, starting with the conquest and rule of Russiaby the Mongol Golden Horde, the reign of terror by Ivan the Terrible, modernization of Peter the Great, the rise to the center of the European power under Catherine the Great, continuingwith the Russian Revolution and the emergence of the superpower Soviet Union and finally ending with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the political, Social and economic problems that the country has faced since then.

Fun & Interesting Facts about Russia

  • Russia covers one-seventh of the total land area of the world
  • Russia is the only country with 12 seas on its territory
  • Russia has 1st place in the world in explored reserves of natural gas (32% world reserves)
  • Russia is so vast that it spans nine time zones
  • Russia is referred to as the “Lungs of Europe” because it has the biggest forest reserves in the world
  • Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the world’s highest active volcano at a height of 4,750 meters, is found in Russia
  • Ladoga lake is the largest one in Europe
  • Baikal lake is the deepest lake in Russia, it is a large reservoir for fresh water
  • Towns of Zolotoye Kolco are a vivid encyclopedia of Old-Russian architecture
  • Caucasian Mineral waters are situated only in 90 km from the Elbrus
  • The Ural mountains are ones of the first mountains in the world
  • In Altai there are more than 820 glaciers covering over 600 sq km
  • The delta of the Volga is famous for its famous Caspian rose – lotus flower
  • Russia has some of the best art institutions in the world, like Bolshoi Theater and Pushkin Art Gallery in Moscow, and Mariinsky Theater and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg
  • It is believed that Russian weapon brands are some of the most recognizes in the world
  • Russia is the first country to launch a man into space. His name is Yuri Gagarin
  • Ten percent of the income of the Russian government is from the sales of vodka