General Manager

Globina Valeria

“… My life is full of interesting people, events, meetings. For this I’m grateful to my job which I have been doing all my professional life with great happiness and enthusiasm. I got to this wonderful and fairy world of international events, incentives, private parties, tour programs when I was only 17 years old. During four first years of my career I made the way from the program coordinator helper to the manager of programs. I have been learning a little bit of everything to beginning with some basics of our business. I have been developing professionally, absorbing all the details, improving my skills and getting the invaluable experience. From that time until today I have organized and overseen a huge number of different projects. I didn’t stop my studies and self upgrading in MICE Industry for a single moment. I’m a creative and artistic person, which, undoubtedly, is reflected in my work, in the solutions and approaches that I use and recommend. Every client is very special to me. I treat every client from the bottom of my heart.  I’m inviting you to come and to explore Russia and deep Russian Soule. It will be a great pleasure for me to take you on that wonderful exploration tour..”

Non-executive member of the Board of Directors

Dmitry Neraslavsky

I’ve been in business for over 20 years. I like to try myself in different sectors and spheres. I found the idea to gather a team of young, full of emotions and energy professionals in travel and MICE industry, very attractive and promising.We are delighted to share with you our great experience, creative ideas, open smiles and sincere emotions. Welcome to Russia with Russian Empire DMC.

Senior Project Manager

Victoria Globina

“… I have always wanted to find a job to match the rhythm of my life and temperament, a job that won’t be monotonous and boring but will be interesting and varied.

I started my career in MICE business in St. Petersburg as a free lance coordinator. I liked this sphere so much that I decided to develop in it gradually. While I was getting my qualifications at the faculty of International Relations, I was always looking for all sorts of ways to participate in different kinds of business and private events which were organized in St. Petersburg. After graduated from the North-Western Academy of Public Administration, I got a job in a DMC on the position of Project Coordinator. After a few years I had no doubt that this was exactly what I needed.

I’m a friendly and open-minded person. I’m always ready to act at the top of my abilities. My primary goal is to make the clients satisfied with the job that I have done and make them return to our company again and again.

It will be honored to be useful to you and to make your visit to Russia very memorable…”

Project Manager

Marta Chistyakova

Since my childhood, I loved my city and my country and always wanted to share it with the others. I am very glad that now I have this opportunity.

During my studying at North-Western Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration I have already participated in organization of different events hold in St. Petersburg, such as International Economic Forum, INTERPOL General Assembly Session, etc. My main responsibilities were to meet and to support delegates, to coordinate the communication of English-speaking delegates with the Russian personnel, organization of transfers and coordination of calls.

I am always ready for a new challenge, because it is necessary to get more experience and new knowledge. As all people I have a lot of qualities. But my main strength is that I’m very responsible and hard-working.

Project Coordinator

Kristina Artyushkina

… Being a child I was always very energetic, hyperactive, full of dreams, ideas and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed being around friends, relatives, classmates. As do I now. I started travelling when I was only 7 years old. The culture of other countries, nature, places of interest were the things that attracted my attention most of all. To tell the truth, nothing has changed from the childhood.  My parents gave me a peculiar opportunity to study at English school and then to study at Saint-Petersburg State University where I acquired fluent English and Turkish language skills. I involved in different activities. I organized dance festivals and competitions, concerts, photo sessions, biking trips as well as travel routes for family and friends. When I was searching for the job, I knew for sure that it had to be interesting, challenging, it should be related with events, communication, travelling. I have found it.

I am full of energy, desires and aspirations. I do believe that all this will help me to make the best unforgettable projects for you. Our team is ready to create, communicate, share and, of course, fill your life with the whole spectrum of emotions.

Logistic Specialist

Aleksander Chizhonok

“… Cars have always played a special role in my life. Having an analytical mentality, a certain charisma and the ability to solve conflict situations in the non-stop mode, I very quickly found myself in the profession of a transport logistics.Together with the Russian Empire DMC, we have already made many projects; the most significant of them were the Annual Legal Forum, Annual Economic Forum, Confederation Cup, World Cup 2018, etc.
I will be glad to be useful to you and promise that your guests will never be late for the plane! ”