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Majestic… Glamour… Luxurious…

What do you know about Moscow? Kremlin..Red Square…Mausoleum …Star City…and…that’s all? Let us show you more!

Moscow is a brilliant and multi-sided city. It’s a biggest and most important city of Russia. It is a heart of our country. It is absolutely unique combination of epochs, styles, stories, biographies. The main Orthodox Cathedral is situated here. Bolshoi Theater opened its doors after renovation in 2011. Two world famous circuses give the performances almost every evening. Best contemporary Art galleries, museums and exhibition areas occupy almost full Separate Island at the city center. So many restaurants, shops, plush hotels… Moscow is famous for being the world’s new nightlife capital. Moscow can satisfy all possible needs and demands.

Brief History

Moscow is the capital of Russia and is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to Moscow’s architecture, performing arts, world famous Museums and Galleries. It is one of the largest cities in the world with the population over 13 million people. Moscow lies in western Russia, in the European part of the country. The Moscow River, for which the city was named, flows through the city.

The first reference to Moscow dates from 1147 under Yuri Dolgorukiy. Founded in the 12th century as the capital of a minor principality, Moscow eventually became the center of a unified Russian state in the 15th century. The capital was moved to the new city of St Petersburg in 1703 under Peter the Great, but Lenin moved the capital back to Moscow in 1917. Fast-paced Moscow is Russia’s political, historical, financial and cultural capital and a magnet. Moscow is a place where you will find any kind of entertainment you could imagine. It is famous for being the world’s new nightlife capital. Being a populous city Moscow offers you a lot of shopping malls. There are many shopping areas which act as a paradise for those visitors who love to shop.

    Interesting facts:

  • Moscow is a city which has maximum number of billionaires living in its streets
  • Moscow has a city under the city. Moscow subway with all the underground communications and bunkers are the world’s largest bomb shelter where all citizens may hide during a war attack
  • Seven of Moscow’s buildings look exactly the same. They are two hotels, two administrative buildings, two blocks of flats, and the Moscow State University. These building have nicknames – Stalin’s skyscrapers or Seven Sisters
  • The Russian State Library is the biggest in Europe and second in the World after Library of Congress in the USA
  • Ostankino Tower is the highest TV tower in Europe.