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Novgorod city.

Novgorod City, Velikiy Novgorod, Novgorod the Great – these are the names of one of the most famous and ancient cities of Russia – Novgorod, which is located in the northwestern part of European Russia. Novgorod population is about 220,000, with land area – 90 sq.km. It’s a cozy corner of Russia, with enormous history, outstanding architecture and wonderful nature. It is the best place for calm rest and spiritual enrichment.

Brief History

Novgorod is in the list of most ancient Eastern Slavs tribe cities. The settlement was first time mentioned in written chronicles in 859. And that time it was a large trade center on the route from Baltics to Byzantium.

Novgorod ruler Oleg captures Kiev and founded the Kievan Rus state in 882. Novgorod was the second town of the Kievan Rus by cultural, economic and political influence.

The population of Novgorod was growing fast and soon the city was unable to feed people from its own sources. Novgorod became dependable on grain supply from Vladimir – Suzdal territories. The grain dependence was one of the reasons Moscow state could gain control over the republic and its capital city in 1478. Nikon (Russian most famous patriarch) was the metropolitan of the Russian Empire in 1727. Novgorod was heavily damaged during the Second World War (captured by German army in 1941, liberated by Soviet army in 1944). A lot of monuments of medieval Russia were destroyed.

Main monuments of Novgorod were declared the World Heritage Site. The city received new name “Velikiy Novgorod” after its medieval title “Lord Novgorod
the Great” in 1998.

    Interesting facts:

  • The city has the largest number and the most ancient medieval monuments in Russia and Ukraine
  • Russian folklore hero Sadko was the merchant from Novgorod
  • Novgorod is the birthplace of Russian democratic and republican traditions
  • There are 48 churches and monasteries in the city of Novgorod. Many are museums, and 11 are fully functional
  • The St. Sophia Cathedral, built between 1045 and 1050, is probably the oldest structure still in use in Russia