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Pskov located in the northwestern part of European Russia, is an administrative center and capital city of Pskov oblast. It is one of the most ancient Russian cities. Population is more than 205 000 people. Pskov and close surroundings are famous for their unique monuments of art and architecture, which are created in special Pskov style in 11th-17th centuries. Excellent views of Kremlin, city wall and churches at both banks of River Velikaya.

Brief History

Pskov was first mentioned in the chronicle in the year 903, in the connection with the marriage Kievan Prince Igor Rurikovich on the Olga from Pskov. For hundreds of years Pskov Republic was a Russian connection with Europe. It is located about 20 kilometers (12 mi) east from the Estonian border. Pskov, although a small city, has a rich cultural heritage. It initially rose as a trade and craft town, which also had an important strategic importance. With founding St.Petersburg Pskov lost its trade and commercial importance, but nevertheless stayed the important cultural and religious center.

    Interesting facts:

  • Among the sights in the vicinity of Pskov are the Pskov Monastery of the Caves, the oldest monastery in Russia and a magnet for pilgrims from all over the country; Elizarovo Monastery, which used to be a great cultural and literary centre of medieval Russia; and Mikhailovskoe, a family nest of Alexander Pushkin where he wrote some of the best known lines in the Russian language. The national poet of Russia is buried in the ancient Monastery at the Holy Mountains nearby. Pokrovskaya Bashnya (Intercession Tower, 16th century) has a circumference of 90 meters and is the biggest fortress tower in Europe.
  • Outstanding mathematician Sophia Kowalevskaya, was born in the village of Polibino, She was the first Russian woman to become an academician.