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Suzdal is a celebrated medieval city on Russia’s Golden Ring. Romantic and crowded with historic architecture, this city on the Kamenka River boats UNESCO protection, a Kremlin, and enough religious complexes and churches to satisfy any fan of Orthodox architecture. Suzdal is located in Vladimir Oblast. It is about 26 kilometers from Vladimir city and the population here is about 18,236.

Brief History

Suzdal was settled even before Yuri Dolgoruky established other towns in the region, though this early prince exercised his influence and made the city the capital of the region until it fell from political importance and under the auspices Moscow.

Over the course of centuries, Suzdal was plundered by invading forces, which underscores the importance of its still-extant kremlin. Other forces, such as fire and economic stagnation, affected Suzdal’s development. However, some of these forces, such as the absence of a railway, helped Suzdal to maintain its historic authenticity. Even when it was losing population to prospects in other towns, Suzdal was able to preserve many of its historic edifices and culture.

    Interesting facts:

  • Suzdal has emerged as a central tourist destination to exemplify fine and ornate Russian architecture
  • Cucumber Day is celebrated every year in the middle of July in Suzdal. During this Day you’ll be able to see many cucumbers hors d’oeuvres, people, alcohol, culinary master classes, and a sky shot of a cucumber