Meeting and Conference

Russia is ideally situated as a destination for all types of business events with its unique facilities, world-class dining, natural beauty and famous attractions.






Incentive travel has grown in recent years as corporate motivational and marketing tool. Incentive travel programs not only keep employees happy, they also push up your brand image.






Looking to WOW your guests with wonderful and striking memories? The special event services from Russian Empire will do just that. You just tell us about your needs and we’ll try to meet your expectations! –we’ll successfully plan and manage your event, regardless of location or type.





We don’t have fixed programs and we don’t offer identical and standard options. We can say that every new program is a work of art. The creation of every proposal is challenging and fascinating process of analysis, creation, implementation and realization.






Imagine the holiday of your dreams, tell us about it and then let us do what we do best and organize your trip for you. Russian Empire DMC offers special and unique programs. Our team provides distinctive and exclusive travel experiences to all our clients and guests.