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Griboyedov Canal Embankment 130, building A, office 206
St.Petersburg, 190121, Russia
+7 812 337-57-58


We don’t have fixed programs and we don’t offer identical and standard options. We can say that every new program is a work of art. The creation of every proposal is challenging and fascinating process of analysis, creation, implementation and realization. Every individual guest often has much more opportunities than any group or corporate client. We are proud that we can feel and understand our clients. It allows us to realize their wishes and to present them unforgettable moments. For our FIT clients we make tailor-made programs which gives them a chance to fully plunge into and almost dissolve in Russian culture, Russian way of life, Russian soul, Russian art.

Receive a master class in borscht cooking from a true Russian mistress; study how to braid bast shoe and paint wooden doll Matrioshka, meet personally a Russian painter, sculptor, scientist, opera or ballet star, take a ride on a legendary St.Petersburg’s tram or visit the backstage of the most important theaters of the country.

Or, for example, if you are tired of hastle and bastle of capital cities, we invite you to visit the Old Russian cities as Pskov, Novgotod Velikiy, Vladimir, Suzdal. Every March we invite you to the coast of the White Sea, a unique place where you can enjoy the pleasures of an Eco trip and where you can meet white-coat seals.

Unforgettable emotions and impressions which you will get during the tour in Russia will be with you for the rest of your life.